Samsung is a big brand known for its innovative products. It offers a wide range of products, from wearable technologies to smartphones; but some do not meet expectations.

Samsung Ring, which was announced last year, received very positive comments in its first introduction. It was said that the product would have many features, from controlling Samsung devices with hand gestures to making payments. But over time, it turned out that this smart ring will not have many of these features, will have features similar to smart bracelets and will transfer the data it obtains to the phone.

We can say that this situation slightly reduced the enthusiasm created by the product. Because users have already begun to question why they need a ring to receive the same service they already receive from smart wrists. In addition, the announcement that the battery life would last a maximum of 9 days also increased negative reactions. Because many users already have smart bracelets that charge during these periods.

It is said that the smart ring called Galaxy Ring will be sold in America for around $ 300. The consumer thinks that the ring does not deserve this price because it has few features and low charging time. As if this were not enough, there are also rumors that Samsung will offer the product with a subscription.

Because the product will be able to work with the Samsung Food application, create nutrition tables for people, analyze their health data and create personal diet programs, that is, it will be able to work like a diet coach.

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