Irina Shayk dazzled in her dress decorated with 84 thousand Swarovski crystals at the Met Gala. She received full marks from fans and critics for her sparkling design.

Irina Shayk has frequently come to the fore with both her private life and career in recent years. After ending her five-year relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo in 2015, she began a love affair with American actor Bradley Cooper. This relationship also aroused great interest. The couple welcomed a daughter, whom they named Lea, in 2017. However, they decided to part ways in 2019.

After this separation, Irina Shayk managed to stay at the top of the fashion world by advancing her career without slowing down. Shayk, who is also very active on social media, put on a show with her dazzling dress at the Met Gala. This special dress, prepared as a result of 200 hours of work by six artisans, was adorned with Swarovski crystals from head to toe and was designed in accordance with the latest transparent trend.

Shayk shared the poses she took in this dress with her fans on social media. Shayk’s bold style and elegant looks in the fashion world have made her an international icon. The famous model, who dazzled with this sparkling dress at the Met Gala, managed to make a name for herself in the fashion world once again. The details in the construction process of her dress and the elegant combination of sparkling crystals left their mark on the night and once again revealed Shayk’s innovative style in fashion.

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